Welcome to OnTheBackWheel

Welcome all to my humble motorcycle blog. My name is Curtis Smith, I’m 27 years old and a motorbike tragic. I live in Samford, QLD, a great, central location for going riding. I started riding motorbikes when I was young, first on dirt bikes and more recently moving onto road bikes. My riding consists of commuting, short blasts and day trips. I plan to make some extended trips (Phillip Island is top of the list) and move onto track days (pending approval from my better half!).

I’ve started this site for a number of reasons:

1. I am a motorbike tragic.

2. To give honest reviews on motorbikes, gear and accessories without bias.

3. To share thoughts on rides and courses.

If you’re new to the site I recommend reading ‘The Curtis Files – Use Bike Reviews.’ They tell a story of my motorcycle ownership so far and are at their best if you read them in order:

1) ‘Its easier to seek forgiveness than ask for permission’

2) ‘Grinningwhileshittingyourself’

3) ‘Pouring cold water down my pants’

Enjoy reading!

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