‘Thank you Skippy’ – Berik KTG Race Gloves Review

There came a time when I decided to get serious about my hand protection. A good set of summer gloves are adequate, but my riding was getting faster and I was looking at going to the track. A lot of tracks days won’t let you ride if you don’t have full length leather gloves and I wanted the extra protection on the street.

I’d like to think I have fairly normal shaped hands (maybe a bit soft and precious) but after trying on numerous brands I couldn’t find anything that fit! Thankfully my local bike shop put me onto the Berik gloves. After trying them on I was sold and having now owned a set for some time I’ve found them to have little to no downfalls.

The gloves are made of soft and sensual kangaroo hide along with Kevlar and polyester. Each glove also features carbon fibre reinforced titanium protectors on the wrist and knuckles. So in normal speak, these gloves have good stuff. They are top of the line and it shows.

I personally think the gloves look great. I know in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter but it does to me! Not only do they look great, but they are bloody comfortable and this really is the gloves strong suit. DSC_0256People rave about kangaroo leather and it is not a gimmick. Man its soft. From new the gloves feel like there are already worn in and have only improved over time. Not only is the leather soft, but it feels tough and is thick and padded in all the right areas. I haven’t had the chance to test them sliding down the road, but by all intents and purposes they should do a good job.

To tighten the gloves there is a small Velcro strap on the base of your wrist and a further large Velcro segment to go over your leathers. They are a simple and effective design and as an added bonus they are easy to use when you have gloves on.

The KTG’s have some great extra touches, namely the extra leather on the thumb, wrist and palm. Also, the top of the glove has a Kevlar section that stretches naturally when you grab your bike grips. This makes them just as comfortable when you are holding on for dear life as when you are stretching your hands on the highway. Side note, if you got into a fight with the Berik’s on you would be sorted, no one wants a titanium knuckle in the face!

The overall quality and finish of the gloves is great. I have had no issues with stitching coming loose or any unnatural wear. These gloves will last a long time if you look after them.

The only faults I can think of are extremely minor and aren’t really faults more something I noticed. Firstly, the finger tips grabbed\stick more than I was used to on my old Brutale’s clutch lever. This hasn’t been an issue on my next couple of bikes (in fact they feel great) so I’m just putting it down the finish on those levers. Secondly…yeah I got nothing, I was clutching at straws as it was!

So if you want a serious pair of gloves that are stupidly comfortable these are the hard to pass up. They get the OnTheBackWheel seal of approval.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel…

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