Phillip Island Blog – Part 2 – More prep and sleeping arrangements sorted

Well another week has passed and I’ve installed my USB charger, purchased a motorbike swag and pretty much finalised our route to the Island. Our way back? I think we’ll discuss it on the way down and chat to people at the event and go from there.

My ebay special cigarette lighter USB charger was a mixed bag. First up, it was a breeze to install (Tech Tip coming soon). That Chinese quality however reared its ugly head. The 12V cigarette lighter works fine, the USB charger on the other hand does not. Child labor is no joke people, especially when shit doesn’t work! I’ll have to try and source another USB charger as there is no way the replacement part will arrive in time for the trip.

12V port installed and ready to rock
12V port installed and ready to rock

After debating for 3 weeks on whether to buy a swag or hiking tent I bit the bullet and got an Oztrail Biker swag. There were a few online that I liked the look of, but I ended up getting one from my local Tentworld. I picked their brain over the matter and they proved to be really helpful and made my choice easy. I compared the two options and by the time I got a tent, sleeping mat, pillow and sleeping bag they take up a similar amount of space. Then I would need to strap down 4 items. With a swag it’s just the one bit of kit with everything inside sitting on the pillion seat. Plus after a long day all I need to do is roll it out and get in. I’m a simple man and lazy to boot, so this sounds much more appealing.

Now, I don’t know if you have seen one of these swags set up, but I will have to get used to sleeping in what appears to be a coffin. That or a giant cocoon, ready to hatch like a terrible butterfly in the morning for another big day in the saddle.

I’ve all but finalised the way south. We are going from Brisbane and I’ve tried to choose a way that is relatively entertaining but not going to take an eternity. We will be heading through Mount Lindesay to Kyogle, Grafton, Armidale, to the famed Putty road, Sydney, Canberra and finally Delegate on the way to the track. While this way is about 6 hours more than the most direct route, it’s a shite load more interesting with a fair few corners to break the monotony. Plus, I’m keen to see places I have never been too and I’ve done the coast road a few times on the way to Sydney.

Biker swag and expandable pillow. The biker swag is very nearly half the size of a king single.
Biker swag and expandable pillow. The biker swag is very nearly half the size of a king single.

This week I’ll do a trial pack and check to see what else I need for the journey. No doubt I’ll still forget something, but we aren’t going exactly going into the wilderness. Long as I have somewhere to sleep and my bike I’ll be happy.

Look for a mid week Tech Tip on installing a 12V port and another blog on Saturday with my final preparations for the trip. In the mean time, keep it OnTheBackWheel!

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