No bike makes Curtis go something, something

So the stator on the Tuono decided to burn out. The bike still runs like a dream, but it loses charge over time, meaning I’m pretty much stuck with driving the car. Having no bike is making me rapidly decline further into madness.

The culprit of my insanity. You can see the burnt out winding in the top right.

The stator is a well known failure point on both the RSV4 and Tuono V4. So, when my bike struggled to start and then eventually didn’t, I had a fair idea what it would be. A couple of tests with a multi-meter and sure enough, the bike was only charging at about 12.3-12.7volts.

Aprilia have released a new stator that is said to rectify the burning out problems (and forums are saying yes, it does). Shame they haven’t put out a recall or something similar. For them to actually release a completely new part number they are admitting fault. But whatever, that’s a rant for a different time.

I ordered a new stator and flywheel from the states ($120 cheaper delivered to my door for the exact same part, figure that out) but unfortunately I am at the whims of the bike shop till they can fit me in. I would change it myself, but you need a specialised part to remove the flywheel. Plus, I want them to make sure the latest engine mapping is installed. Until then I’m bike less, unless there is a power point to plug my trickle charger everywhere I stop.

I’ve been busy lately and taken my Gas Gas to the shop for them to put it back together. I put it together a few times but every time I did something wasn’t quite right. Once its together I plan on selling it and to fund a track bike. While I would love to take the Tuono to the track, the thought  of binning it is a scary, and possibly expensive proposition. At this stage I’m pretty sold on getting a 600 sports bike, but I’m open to suggestions.

Well that’s me for the moment, I can’t wait to get back on the bike and start making more YouTube videos. Until then I’m going to do some written reviews for the site.

In the mean time, keep it OnTheBackWheel!



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