First OnTheBackWheel Organised Ride – Crashes, Great weather and Quality riding

I hosted the first OnTheBackWheel organised ride on the weekend and it was certainly a mixed bag!

Meeting up at Samford in the morning. 

The weather was fantastic (if a bit cold for our Queensland blood), the roads were a lot of fun and one of the guys had a little crash. And by little I mine pretty solid. And by solid I mean he hit a guard rail. Ouch.

An eclectic mix of bikes.

We started off at Samford and made our way through Dayboro with a plan to make it to Kenilworth for some lunch. After passing through Dayboro we traveled through Mount Mee and had fun in the twisties. It was here that one of the lads met his demise on a hairpin turn.


The corner has a rough surface and can catch you out by the way it keeps tightening through the corner. Unfortunately it caught one of the lads out.

Come riding with OnTheBackWheel they said. It would be fun they said…

When I arrived it looked like he was dead, but bar some scrapes and bruises he was/is ok! His foot was stuck between the guard rail and the bike though. We managed to pry his foot free but the bike was more of a mission. It was wedged under the guard rail and it took a few of us to manoeuvre it out.

The bike was in a bad way. It had bent handle bars, all of the levers were broken and the speedo had come off too. Thankfully the lads were able to double him back and get the bike later on a ute. While he was very lucky to escape serious injuries, he was wearing all of his protective gear which really saved him. Kevlar jeans FTW!

Some of us continued on for the day and we decided to shorten our ride to Maleny. I got to ride an Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory which was an absolute blast. Review incoming soon!

On the way home, my brother was able to show me some great roads, away from all the traffic that I have never ridden before. I will definitely ride them again. Perhaps on an organised ride in the future we will, they were fantastic and it was great to be away from the traffic on a busy Sunday.

My brother and I out on some secluded roads. No traffic, lots of corners…perfect.

All in all, it was a good day even if it wasn’t exactly what we had planned (especially for some!). I will be organising more rides in the future. I will create an event on Facebook and share them on the website to let everyone know. Keep your eyes peeled.

Currently I am working on a Youtube video for next Tuesday. I have some amazing footage from the ride and will also have a review on the Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory!

OK guys, lookout for my YouTube video and keep it OnTheBackWheel.

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