Project CBR Reveal and Track Day (with video!)

The day has come, Project CBR has hit the track! Its been an interesting journey, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

I started out with a goal to build a budget track bike. Have I achieved that goal? Most definitely. My total cost has come to roughly $1800. That includes the purchase price of the bike along with a service. Thats a bloody cheap track bike. Not only is it cheap, its a little beast! Sure, she is not the latest and greatest, but she is mine and I love her (much like a mother loves their ugly child).

Its not till I look at photos from when I originally got the bike that I realise how far it has come. I was skeptical when I bought the bike home (it wasn’t even running), but most things have turned out to be a relatively easy, if frustrating fix.

The bike when I bought it home.

In case you haven’t been reading, the bike needed new fairing, throttle cables, a battery and a good service. I also got a new exhaust to get rid of the cow clubber that was on it. There have been a fair few things I haven’t mentioned and there’s still more to go (isn’t there always?). Alright, enough fluffing about, here it is!

The bike as it is now.

She has come a long way thats for sure. I am absolutely stoked with how it has turned out. The orange, white and black colour combination stands out from the crowd and I love the way it looks.


Cosmetically the only thing left is some stickers to go along the sides. Mechanically I might get a power commander and dyno tune but besides that I’ll just be spending money on tyres and track days!


For the bikes first outing I hit up Lakeside with a group of mates on the weekend. After not going to the track for over 2 years it was brilliant to be back out there, man I’ve missed it. I had an absolute blast. You can check out some of the action from the day in this video.

So, Project CBR is all but complete. I’ll still be tinkering with the bike and I will probably do a couple of minor updates in the future, other than that I hope to do a track day once every month or two. If I get really keen I’ll look into doing some amateur racing depending on the classes out there.

Now the bike is done, I’ll be concentrating my articles in other areas for the time being, I’ve got a fair few products I want to review and plenty of crazy ideas floating through my head. Alright, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the video.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel people!


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