Berik AirFlow Jacket Review

Spring is here! Well for us people in the southern hemisphere it is anyway. And you know what that means? Hot weather. And you also know what that means? Sweating your balls off while lane filtering through heavy traffic. But never fear, the Berik Airflow is here! It’s a top-notch summer jacket, lets review it.

So what makes the Berik Airflow a fantastic summer jacket? Well firstly, its leather. I know just because its leather doesn’t make it better than a textile jacket. Most people don’t associate leather jackets with being cool but I’m here to change your young, impressionable mind. Me personally, I prefer wearing leather gear. On the way to work I wear a leather jacket, cruising to the shops or gym I wear a leather jacket, riding the mountains I wear a leather 2 piece and on the track I wear a leather 1 piece. Why? Long story short, protection. I like my skin, its soft and delicious and I don’t think it would get along with bitumen.

The Berik Airflow is leather all over bar some small elastic stretchy bits in the forearm region. The leather is perforated on the front, back, arms, everywhere now I think of it. The leather is quite supple and while certainly not as thick as your racey sports jacket, it will do a decent job in a crash.

Feature wise, the jacket has two pockets with zips on the outside, a Velcro pocket on the inside along with an inner zipper pocket. I love the inside zipper pocket, its perfect for putting little nic nacs in. On the waist there are straps on both sides to tighten up the jacket depending on how much beer you’ve had recently. On the inside there is also a spot for a back protector. frontAny extra safety features are good by me. Oh and just in case you do bin it, there is a tag that you can write your name and blood type on! So when you are haemorrhaging blood because you severed your leg on a pesky guard rail, you can be rest assured the ambo will know your name. I can just imagine the paramedic now. ”This dudes fucked. Sorry Curtis is fucked. And he’s AB negative?! Curtis is doubly fucked.”

I suppose the first and most important question is, does it keep you cool? Yes it does! The Airflow does an admirable job of keeping temps down. When you aren’t moving its still hot as buggery, but that can be said for all jackets. As soon as you’re moving you get a breeze through the whole jacket. I’ve worn it on some stupidly hot days and its been great. Even today it was a beautiful 26 degrees and it was perfect. Just a warning, the jacket can get chilly if the temps drop or you ride at night. Well it’s either that or I’m soft (I’m definitely soft, riding in the cold sucks!).

The jacket is comfortable and not a tight fit for me (183cm, 83kg’s). I wouldn’t call it loose, but I’ve got plenty of room to fit a long sleeve shirt of a hoody underneath if I’m riding home on a cool night. The build quality overall is great too. I’ve had the jacket for over a year now and the zips are as new and the stitching’s in good nick.

Overall I find it hard to fault the jacket. Its comfy, keeps me cool, looks great and has the added protection of leather. Having a look around ATM the jacket averages roughly $399 give or take 50 bucks depending on the store. It cost a bit more than your average textile summer jacket, but i think its worth it. The jacket gets the OnTheBackWheel wheelie of approval.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel people!




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