Dual Sport News 13/12/20 – Kawasaki KLX300 Not ADR Compliant, CRF300L Only 27hp & Good Luck Getting Test Rides

I’ve got a few small, but interesting things to cover today so instead of doing multiple articles, I’m putting it all into one.

First up, in some unexpected news, the newly announced KLX300 from Kawasaki has not been granted ADR compliance in Australia from the factory. Why didn’t it pass ADR guidelines? Well I honestly have no idea and I’m hoping someone can give me a heads up as to why. I mean the current model KLX250S is along with the KLX450R, KLX150 and KLX230, so it’s got me stumped. Kawasaki Australia have stated they are working on it, so maybe it could be an easy fix, we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, don’t expect to see the KLX300 in Australia anytime soon.

Are Europe and Australia missing out on the KLX300?

Meanwhile, Honda Australia has stated the CRF300L and CRF300 Rally will be coming to Australia in March 2021. Now the rumour is Australia will be getting the newer style LED, we’ll have to see closer to the date though.

In further news, while we initially thought the CRF300L and CRF300L Rally were going to be 31hp, the European and Australia models are being rated at 26.95hp (20.1kw). Why the drop? Well there are a few of scenarios I can think of. First is its lower to meet Euro 5 compliance. Second, is it’s the rear wheel figure not the crank figure. Or it could just be our early information was bullshit. I want to believe it’s the rear wheel horsepower figure, but I’m betting it isn’t. If it does turn out to be 27hp at the crank, that’s a bit disappointing. The current 250L only makes 24.4, and when you don’t have much to work with, every little bit helps! Doing the sums, the new 300L is a 37cc increase over the 250L, making it 14.8%. Honda is reporting 10% more power and 18% (22nm) more torque. 27hp seems about right if you ask me.

Power figures for the 300L and Rally aren’t what we thought they were going to be.

Last up is will you actually be able to get a test ride on the KLX300 or CRF300L to compare the two? It’s looking like you are going to really struggle. Well, at least until about March/April next year. Kawasaki dealers are stating that production will be staggered and then divvied up amongst dealers. Production will be at 25% in January, 50% in February, 75% in March and then 100% in April. Dealers seem to be selling what they order at the moment, and Covid certainly isn’t helping. The Honda, I’m not sure on its production yet, but you think it would be similar as they are both made in Thailand. So unless you are just biting the bullet and buying either ones of these bikes, I think we are all going to struggle to get a ride on one! 

And that’s it for this week’s dual sport news. In the meantime, keep it OnTheBackWheel.

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