Motorcycle Sales BOOM in 2020

Today I’m going to talk about how in a complete surprise, motorcycle sales worldwide have boomed during 2020. And not only have they boomed in this shit show of a year, the sales have boomed because it’s a shit show!

So I don’t know about you guys, but I find it extremely interesting that motorcycle sales have gone up in 2020. With everything that’s been going on motorcycle production has had to stop, at times for months, development has slowed and even stopped in some cases, people have lost their jobs and then we’ve had all this social distancing happening.

The USA and Australia have seen a huge bump in off road sales.

But here’s the thing, not only have motorcycle sales gone up, demand is at an all-time high in a ton of countries. In the United States, the Motorcycle Industry Council recently announced that sales are up 10% in the 3rd quarter of 2020. The kicker here is dirt bike sales which includes trail bikes, motocross bikes and dual sports has gone up a whopping 50%! Interestingly, road bike sales have dropped 9.6%.

In Australia, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries show that sales as a whole are up 26.4%. Road bike sales are up 8.2% and dirt bikes sales are up a massive 40%.

And it isn’t just Australia and North America reporting big sales, nearly the whole world is including Taiwan, Europe, Russia, India and Latin-America. Numerous manufacturers are reporting record sales too.

So why are sales booming in 2020? While the Corona Virus has caused major problems in the industry, it has also been the cause of the sales hike. I know for a fact that since people in Australia haven’t been able to travel, they’ve been purchasing dirt bikes and riding with their friends and family instead. Australia is lucky in this regards as it’s a massive country where you can explore, go camping and tool around on your dirt bike. The exact same has been happening in the USA too. I mean, what better way to socially distance than jump on a motorcycle and nick off into the bush right?

So while the USA and Australia have seen big up ticks in off road sales, Europe has seen a big jump in road bike sales. This is basically the complete opposite! So what bikes have Europeans been buying? Commuter bikes.

UK sales. Europe and the UK have seen a jump in smaller CC road bike sales.

So why is Europe basically the polar opposite to Australia and the USA? Well, as a result of the virus, people don’t want the added risk of travelling on public transport and that’s why they are getting bikes. And I don’t blame them. Firstly, motorcycles are awesome, and secondly, stuff sitting on a train and getting coughed on by some random who doesn’t want to wear a mask.The public transport system is huge in Europe and heavily relied upon by people who work in the city. Take the Tube in London for example, its widely used and its commonplace that people don’t even have a vehicle.

In a recent interview with KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, he stated that during 2020, KTM has seen a huge uptake in their 125-400cc size motorcycles. This is even with KTM having to stop production for two months earlier in the year.

With sales up in the first three quarters of the year, I think it will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the last quarter. I think the demand has been there. I know of a fair few people wanting to get new bikes and I’ve seen a big demand online too. I think it’s going to be a case of if the manufacturers can actually keep up with the demand.

In any case, while Covid has been great for motorcycle sales, hopefully it pisses off soon.


  1. Buying a new or used off road motorcycle in California is nuts. Much higher prices than the rest of the States. Mainly because we can ride most of the year and the environmental restrictions has made older bikes expensive and new bikes that meet those restrictions in high demand.


  2. I heard about cars needing to be electric, haven’t heard about bikes yet. But all the off road bikes used to be allowed on public land with a green sticker. In 2003 the state started making changes where new bikes could not be issued a green sticker which is why dual sports are so popular now. The MX or off road bikes without a license plate are “red sticker” and can only be ridden in the winter months.


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