Triumph Speed Triple 1200 Leaks! 177hp, Styling Changes and Weight Loss

The Triumph Speed Triple global reveal is only 4 days away, but some of the specs have already leaked. Not only have the specs leaked but we also have some photos of the bikes being tested in the UK.

The Speed Triple has been left behind a bit recently compared to the bonkers Aprilia Tuono, Super Duke 1290 and Street fighter V4. But its looking like the new Speed Triple is going to be much more performance orientated than we first thought. A leaked spec sheet says it will be not have the 1200cc engine that’s been speculated but an 1160cc triple that will be putting out 177.5 horsepower and 122nm of torque. The specs are based off the performance RS model. You would expect Triumph will also be doing a lower cost standard version with less bling and a slight power drop, just like they do with the Street Triple.

The leaked spec sheet. It looks dodgy, but matches up.

The weight is rumoured to have dropped a massive 40lbs and is now 376lbs. Now this isn’t on the leaked spec sheet and is word of mouth. I think that is way too low, I mean that’s KTM Duke 790 and Aprilia RS660 territory. The current Speed Triple has never been a light weight and from leaked photos, the new model does look slimmer, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Ok let’s look at the leaked photos from the UK. The photos appear to be production bikes and dare I say the finished product. In fact, the only effort they’ve gone to hide that it’s the new model is putting masking tape over the decals! Besides that, the bike looks very much like a modern Triumph, but has some serious styling and technical changes.

The under tail twin exhausts that have been synonymous with the Speed Triple for years are no more! We now have a single exhaust on the right hand side with two pipes. The engine also looks to have been redesigned along with the frame. The single sided swing arm is still there, there’s a new sub frame and the headlights looks much more angular. Styling wise, it has definitely changed a lot.

In the suspension department I’m spotting Ohlin’s forks and an Ohlin’s shock with an external reservoir. Both models appear to be the Matt Silver Ice colour mentioned in the spec sheet. All in all, I think it looks pretty trick! What do you guys think? The Triumph triples have been down on overall horsepower in the past, but they are grunty and put their power to the ground well. If the power jump is correct I’ll be very interested to see how it performs. The current RS has changeable riding modes, tractions control and ABS so you would expect this to have the same and more.

I probably don’t have to tell you guys, but take the leaked specs with a grain of salt. I will say that the engine power figures would not surprise me one bit and the motorbike on the spec sheet perfectly matches those bikes that were spotted in the UK.

Besides that, unless any more information leaks before the Triumph global reveal, we’ll just have to wait!

Until next time, keep it OnTheBackWheel people.

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