Motorbike News 14/2/20 – KLR650 Reactions, new Brutale/Dragster, updated Himalayan + More

The newly announced KLR650 has been getting a ‘mixed’ reception. While people like its price and the fact its adventure ready, people definitely have some mixed thoughts about the bike. Just look at the comments on my video alone and you’ll see them. Most complaints are aimed at the lack of a 6th gear, low power figures, no upside down forks and the WEIGHT. Yep, it’s a heavy bike and I can’t see you tackling the Erzberg rodeo on one that’s for sure.

The new KLR650 has been getting a mixed reception.

KLR650 owners and customers are a tricky bunch and Kawasaki is kind of damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I mean if they did a huge redesign, people would be complaining about the reliability and we why did they change what wasn’t broke. And if they had just added fuel injection, people would be complaining about how they should have made more changes. While I don’t like the weight and yes I’d love some better suspension on it, I think for the price they’ve done a good job. There is still no word on Euro 5 compliance. How they can’t get a 38hp monster within regulations I’ll never know…

The KLX300 is already being picked up by customers

While we are talking about Kawasaki’s, the KLX300 is out in the wild. I am surprised people in the US are getting them so soon. I mean Kawasaki hasn’t even done their press launch yet. I’ve had multiple comments from people saying they’ve got theirs and there are some short, terrible quality clips of people riding them. If you are in the Midwest and have a KLX300, let me know, I’d love to review it.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan has been given an update. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about the rumoured updates and they are now official. The bike gets the new Tripper navigation system, a taller windscreen, higher density seat foam, an updated rear luggage rack and ergo changes to make the bike more comfortable.  The engine has also been updated for Euro 5 compliance.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan has been updated.

The MV Agusta 800 Dragster and Brutale have been updated. They’ve done some pretty significant updates for both, making them Euro 5 compliant along with changes to the engine, chassis and electronics. MV’s aim was to make the bikes easier to live with. They’ve made the suspension more compliant, added in a nice new dash with navigation, a LED headlight and even cornering lights. I’ll tell you this, it looks awesome. I would love to own one, I had the 2012 Brutale 675 and it was a lot of fun.

Ok a couple of small things to end on. For those owners of the Honda Africa Twin, it is getting an update that gives you Android auto. If you have a 2020 or newer Africa Twin, all you have to do is head to the Honda website and you can get the update from there, pretty cool!

Yeah,the new MV Agusta Brutale is purdy.

Finally, Triumph has teased the new Bonneville range. What are the updates? Well, we don’t know yet! All I know is you can guarantee they’ll be Euro 5 compliant.

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