I’m reviewing the Kawasaki KLX300 Dual Sport & SM! Ask me anything

I’ve got some exiting news; I’m going to be reviewing the new Kawasaki KLX300 and KLX300 SM! I’m flying to Los Angeles this coming Wednesday and I’ll have the bikes for roughly 4 days.

My current plan is to do a review on both the bikes and a comparison review between the two. I’m also going to compare them to the KLX250, CRF250L and DR-Z400. If you weren’t aware, I currently own a KLX250 so I’ll be able to do a great comparison between the two of those. I have also ridden the CRF250L in standard and modded forms and I have also ridden the DR-Z400 a heap.  

For the KLX300 I’m planning to do some decent off road riding starting with riding Santiago Peak. I’m also planning to do a mixture of city and highway riding to see how she tackles that. So pretty much your standard dual sport riding.

I’ll be riding both the super motord and dual sport.

With the KLX300 motard, I’m going to check out as many twisty roads as I can, along with riding around town. For me, a motard is all about having a blast through the city and smashing corners, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve never really checked out LA and I’m keen to ride the Snake and Highway 1. If you guys have any suggestions on where to ride around Los Angeles, let me know and put it in the comments below. 

For the reviews, I’m going to cover everything from how does the engine performs, does the suspension work well, is it comfortable and tank range. But one of the main reasons I’m doing this article is to ask, what do you want know about the bike?

Are you worried about the seat height? Is the clutch light? How does the bike compare to other similar bikes? I’ll answer anything. Hell you can even ask me random questions about myself or LA, I don’t care. So if you have any questions, put them in the comments below. It doesn’t matter how stupid they are, I’ll do my best to answer them.

I own the KLX250S so it will be great to compare it to the new model.

But yeah, pretty exciting and I’m absolutely pumped! I can’t wait to get to LA and ride the bikes. I’m also going to be putting pictures and videos up on my social media so make sure you check them out.

Alright that’s it from me. If you have any questions you want answer about the KLX300’s, put them in the comments below. Keep it OnTheBackWheel people. 


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