Blog – OnTheBackWheel is heading to the Kawasaki Track Day on Tuesday and prepping the ZX10R

Well its high time to hit the track again to hone my skills. I was looking forward to hitting up Lakeside again because I absolutely loved it last time, but Kawasaki Australia are putting on a day at Queensland Raceway that is just too good to pass up. $50 for a day on the track if you are on a Kawasaki and food! Count me in bitches. Kawasaki are also offering test rides of their new motorcycles around the track so I’ll definitely try and test ride a few bikes and share my thoughts in the future.

Hoping I will get to thrash one of these around the track on Tuesday!
Hopefully I will get to thrash one of these around the track on Tuesday!

In preparation for the track I’ve put a new set of Bridgestone T30’s on the Ninja to replace the Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT’s that were already on. I’ve got no idea why anyone would put the GT’s on a ZX10 (they are made with a heavier carcass for large bikes) but meh, they were new so I’ve been using them. The tyres are still in great condition but they are a bit squirmy and get slippery when they heat up. They’ve nearly put me into orbit a couple of times so I decided to replace them in hope that the T30’s will be slightly better. Yes I know the T30’s are sports touring tyres too but I need them to handle commuting and my Phillip Island trip this year so compromises had to be made. What is promising is that a couple of riding schools use the T30’s on their bikes and appear to have no issues (no doubt they are sponsored so of course they wont say bad things but footage of them knee dragging looks promising).

In the next couple of days I’m going to give the bike a thorough once over and make sure everything is tip-top for some track domination. Here’s hoping the old Gen 1 shocks a few of the newer bikes!

Until next time, keep it OnTheBackWheel…

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