Revamped website, a new bike and my plans for 2016

Happy new year everyone. I hope you drank too much and ate lots over the Christmas period. Now the silly season is over, it’s high time I gave an update on what I’ve been up to and my plans for the year.

If you haven’t noticed, I have revamped the website. Exciting I know. I can sense how delighted you are already. On a serious note, look through it and let me know what you think, if its shit I would like to know (I’d like to think it isn’t though!). And with a new website comes some fresh plans for the year. Santa was an absolute legend and threw a shiny new GoPro Hero 4 Silver in my Christmas stocking. So, in addition to my written reviews, I’m going to releasing video footage and possibly working my way into vlogging. That’ll be interesting to say the least; I’ll try not to swear too much.

Now, I would love to be shooting footage at the moment, but the issue is I don’t have a bike! I sold my beautiful ZX10R before Christmas. It was a sad moment and I’ll miss her sweet ass, but we can’t keep them all. Interesting fact, she sold within three days of being advertised. I’m not here to fuck spiders – that’s for sure.

So I haven’t ridden for over 3 weeks. And I don’t like it. The shakes are subsiding but still linger. I yearn for my next hit of speed and like any good crack addict; I’ll be getting my fix soon. There is a new bike in the works. In fact it’s already been paid for and all going according to plan it will be arriving early-mid next week. And what type of bike is it you ask? I will give you two hints. One, its bright yellow. Yeah that’s right, yellow. And two, it will be loud!

I’m hoping to actually keep this one for a couple of years. Considering I’ve had 4 bikes in the last 2 years, that will be quite an achievement. There will be mods and personal touches added to the bike which is something that has been severely lacking on my last few bikes.

Now I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but late last year I shared on my Facebook page that I bought a dirt bike, a Gas Gas 450 FSR in fact. Currently it’s in bits and pieces while I wait for some parts to arrive. I’ll do an updated blog entry on that as I fix it up. As fun as it is to ride on the road, there’s nothing quite like tearing it up in the dirt.

Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more content in the near future and a little forewarning: I’ll be spamming the shit out of you all with footage and pictures of my new sweet ‘yellow’ crutch rocket.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel.

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