Project Daytona – Part One

Work has officially started on Project Daytona. If you weren’t aware of the project, check out my last post by clicking HERE. Step one is replacing the chain and sprockets. The old set was absolutely stuffed and had a huge tight spot. This caused the bike to have shocking vibrations when riding. Enough jibber jabber, picture time!

Here is the old chain and sprockets. They were well overdue for replacement.
The chain was an absolute pain to remove, even with a quality chain breaking tool. In the end, the rivet pin would not come out and we had to use a hammer and screw driver to bash the master link off. Good riddance!
The new chain and sprockets. We are sticking with the stock gearing at this stage. This was purchased as a kit and was very well priced. I’ve found EK chains to be fantastic in the past and offer great value for money.
With the rear wheel off, it was a good chance to look at the wheel bearings and for anything else that needed attention. One of the rear brake pads had become out of line and everything was filthy, nothing some turps couldn’t fix!
The new rear sprocket installed (and looking sexy might I add)! We gave the sprocket carrier, nuts, bolts, wheel spacers and swing arm a massive clean up. They were covered in grease and road grime.
We used this PBR chain tool. It was amazing and I highly recommend it. It made  taking links out and riveting the new chain a breeze (once we read the instructions!).
The new chain and sprockets installed and ready to rock. The rear wheel no longer moans and groans when spinning now its all cleaned up. Looks pretty sexy too.
And we just had to go for a spin! The bike rides great now, but there’s plenty of work still to do. 

Well step one is over. Next up we’ll be installing some Oggy Knobs and R&G crash protection. In the future we’ll be having a crack at fixing the fairing, DIY style.

I’ve also gone ahead and bought myself a CBR600F4i track bike, so there will be 2 projects on the go at once! I’m pumped.

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Until next time people, keep it OnTheBackWheel!

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