Forcefield L2K Pro Back Protector Review

When I decided it was time to start doing track days, I did my usual and obsessively researched what gear to get with Rain Man like fever. But when it came to back protectors, I was a bit stumped. It was something I had never looked into or even thought about getting one. I searched and tried on dozens of protectors but was not impressed. While in a bike shop, I stumbled across the Forcefield L2K Pro. It was a bit different and looked great. I went home and did some research as I’ve never heard of them. I found nothing but rave reviews and bought one.

Candles not included.

I’ll start off by saying this is one of my favorite bits of gear that I own. While I can find faults with most gear I’ve tried or owned, I really struggle to find anything wrong with the L2K. The first thing I noticed is the construction material, it is definitely unique and I doubt you’ll find it on another back protector. There are 2 layers. The outer layer is a cross hatched plastic type material. The inner layer is a gel like material (Forcefield calls it NitrexEvo®). Its firm, but soft to touch and it slowly springs back after being pressed in. As a result, the back protector contours to your back shape. I think it’s a fantastic design and results in the protector being extremely comfortable.


The protector fits using a simple method. There is an elastic waist band that is straps together using Velcro. Then on each side there is a secondary elastic band that allows for further adjustment. It’s a good system that’s easy to use, even with gloves on. There are also two, elastic, adjustable shoulder straps. They are comfortable and do the job. The only complaint I have is that over time (and this is applicable for most elastic products) the elastic loses it’s err…elasticity. In saying this, I’ve had mine for a couple of years and while they have become a little bit tired, it has not affected their function.

The waist strap features a good system whereby you can further adjust it using the small side straps.

Now, how is it to wear? I have worn it on the track and regularly wear it under my leathers when going for spirited rides and it’s great. It gives me added confidence when riding. In hot weather it will get a little bit sweaty, but no more than any other similar product. After riding for a couple of minutes, you forget you are wearing it. The waist strap doesn’t ride up and you can even jam your phone and wallet in it if you’ve got bugger all storage space like me.

The overall build quality is fantastic. The only thing that can be remotely faulted is the shoulder straps lose a bit of elasticity over time.

The overall build quality is great. All the stitching is Kevlar and built to last. Mine still looks pretty much new even though it’s a few years old now.

If you’re looking for back protector, whether it just for the road or on the track, I think this is the one to get. Sure, its $200, but it’s comfortable, it will last and provides probably the best protection you can get. If someone picky like me struggles to find a fault with it, it must be alright.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel sexy people.

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