Project CBRF4i – Part 3 – New Fairing time!

After some backwards and forwards on whether to go second hand or new, over the Christmas period I bit the bullet and decided to order some new, custom designed fairing. I got in contact with Eugune at Racelines who has made HRC F4i kits in the past. I let him know a rough design and he did the rest. I’m pretty stoked with the result, have a look for yourself and let me know what you think.

Don’t you just love it when bike parts arrive in the mail?
And here it is.

I’ve always loved orange and white together and decided early on that they were the colours I wanted. I took my inspiration from the early KTM RC8. They’ll certainly see me coming at the track!

Now I’ve got the fairing, it’s simply a matter of fitting it. This will involve drilling fitment holes and fitting some dzus clips to join the belly pan and top fairing. For everywhere else I’ll be able to use the existing bolts.

It looks as if the top panel is going to be relatively easy to fit. The tail piece is going to involve the relocation of some parts as it’s a different shape in places. This is mainly due to the fact we are eliminating both seats.

In the down time, I purchased and fitted some rear pick up spools and fitted a spare battery I had in my shed. Unfortunately the battery doesn’t fit with the new race tail (battery is from a different bike) so I’ll have to go ahead and buy a new one as originally planned.

Exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to finish it all. Hopefully my next project update will be with the new fairing fitted and ready to rock!

Updated costs

Bike – $700

New Danmoto exhaust – $180

Second hand throttle cables – $40 off Ebay

Rear pick up spools – $12 off Ebay

Fiberglass race fairing – $740 

Dzus clips – $31 

Total – $1703

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