Video – Mount Glorious Raw GOPRO Footage

I went on a ride the other day and thought I might as well upload some raw Gopro footage from it (excuse the sound quality I didn’t use my separate voice recorder). This area is the western side of Mount Glorious in Queensland, Australia. We were taking it easy on the straights but started to push through a couple of the corners, especially in the ascent (my favorite part). Enjoy.


  1. Looks like a fun bit of road and you were practising your blog title a bit there.
    That false neutral unsettled you a little bit by the looks, its something that you are never suspecting to happen.
    Nice vid thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yeah I didn’t expect the neutral, especially as I was using the quickshifter, these things happen though. It’s a good stretch of road, I love it. The road surface isn’t the best on the tight corners but you get used to it


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