Pirelli Rosso 3 Long Term Review

At the start of the year I bought a set of Pirelli Rosso 3’s for my Tuono. I’ve now had them for well over six months and covered about 5600kms. You know what that means, review time!

After 2000kms I did a brief video on the tyres telling you my initial thoughts, you can find that video by clicking here.

blog 1
The front has held up great.

So, if you don’t know anything about the tyres, they are Pirelli’s latest sports tyre. They aren’t a full on sports tyre like the Supercorsa’s, they are more street focused. After having them for a while I can say that they are suited to hard street riding, commuting and a medium paced track day.

My initial thoughts on the tyre is they are very sticky. Having owned the Rosso 2’s and most recently the Pilot Power 3’s, these definitely have a sportier compound. You can pretty well stick you finger nail straight into the rubber and leave an indentation. Whats been most suprising though is how well they’ve worn. I got 8000km’s out of my last tyres, the Micelin Pilot Power 3’s and these are wearing quite similarly. I should get a couple of thousand more k’s out of them yet.

In terms of feel and performance, the tyres are classic Pirelli, neutral. Maybe its just me, but I just dig the Pirelli ‘feel’. There are never any surprises. At first they feel almost slow to tip in, but get them over and they stick like shit on a shovel. I have no issues being leant over then making mid corner corrections with these tyres. The front tyre feel is very good, but doesn’t provide the absolute feel and performance of a Supercorsa. The slowish tip in also makes for extremely stable straight line handling characteristics. Warm up times are great too.

In the mountains I feel comfortable pushing pretty hard with these tyres. In this video you can see that wasn’t holding back through the corners. This is the type of riding where the Rosso 3’s are perfect. They perform well when you get to the mountains, but most importantly they won’t chew out on the way there.

My riding with the Rosso 3’s has consisted of riding to and from work, short mountain blasts and day rides. I’m lucky in that my commute is pretty spirited with some decent corners so they haven’t squared off. I believe the Rosso 3’s are all you’ll ever need for the road unless you want a bit more wank factor or are regularly hitting the track. In that case I’d definitely go with something along the lines of the Supercorsa’s or the new Michelin Power RS (both suit wank and track).

I get caught out in the wet regularly and the tyres have been fine. I can’t say I push in the wet, but at normal road pace they are solid, certainly better than a track focused tyre and they don’t break traction in the rear like the Power 3’s did out of corners.

blog 3
The rear still has a couple of thousand km’s left.

My set cost me $450 (AUD) fitted, that’s with a 190/55 rear tyre. I found this to be a pretty good price. I wouldn’t pay much more considering how competitive the market is at the moment, but I am hard pressed to think of a better tyre in this range. They have more longevity than the Rosso 2’s they replace and better performance. They also last about the same distance as the Pilot Power 3’s but are stickier again. On top of this I find the Michelin’s go off after a certain period, after that they are pretty useless. Maybe the Metzeler M7rr’s would make a good comparison but I haven’t tried them (feel free to let me know if you have).

Overall I’ve enjoyed the Rosso 3’s. They are a bloody good tyre. Sure they could tip in faster, but they have great grip, are quick to warm up and surprising longevity.

Until next time, keep it OnTheBackWheel people…

Update: I ended up replacing them with approximately 11000km’s on the front and 10000km’s on the rear.


  1. So at what km’s did u swap the tyres? i have had 2 sets now, 1 lasted me 11000km (*only commute and weekend rides) and the second only ~7500km (*went on 2 holidays germany italy with hard riding)


  2. Enjoyed the review. More real world riding than track knee down stuff. In the process of ordering a set although nowhere new the $450 you mention. I’m Melbourne based and best i can find is $530.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. That seems pretty expensive to me, I got my second set for $475 fitted and I thought that was a little high. I’m pretty reluctant to spend over that on a set when there’s so many good tyres out there. Amazing tyre though, second set was just as good


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