I Bought Some Camping Gear For My KLR – Trip Prepping

I’m officially taking Killer Croc (AKA the KLR) on its first proper trip next week. Keen. As. Mustard! I’ll be riding a couple of hours to a camp site, camping for two nights, doing a full day of offroad riding and coming home the next day.

The Youtube clip for those who CBF reading.

I’ve ummed and ahhed over what gear to get and I ended up pulling the trigger on some budget gear, and I’ve also had a bit of good fortune. I was lucky enough to be given a set of soft, throw-over style panniers. Got to love people sometimes!

The gear I’ve got for the bike so far.

I went down to Walmart and picked up a 3 man dome tent for a crazy cheap $24. As I mentioned previously, I was going to grab a small backpacking tent, but comparing this to some other tents, it was a very similar size and weight. Plus, I want something that Mrs OnTheBackWheel and my dog can use and this give us the extra space. Besides, Killer Croc is over 400lbs, I don’t think another pound is going to matter!

While I was at Walmart I grabbed a small duffel bag to put everything in, a camp light, 4′ x 6′ tarp, a 40 litre dry bag and a camping cookset. The cookset is small, light and has a stainless steel cup, fry pan and saucepan. Perfect.

The dry bag is a LOT bigger than I thought it would be. I was going to grab the 20L bag, but I got the 40L as it was only $1 more. Its honestly too big, but hey, it was only $7! I’m still not sure whether or not to return it for a 20L, something to ponder over the weekend before the ride. In any case, it should be good for keeping clothes and the likes dry.

The pannier bags should work perfectly. They sit over the rear seat and allow me to still use the rear for other luggage. I’ll get some cheap bungie cords to tie it down and probably some Rok straps down the line.

I’m stupidly keen to get out there riding. All going to plan I’ll get some good GoPro footage of me on the mighty Killer Croc!

Keep it OnTheBackWheel people.

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