Unboxing – AFX FX39 DS Series 2 Helmet – Dual Sport/Adventure Helmet

With the purchase of the KLR, it was time to grab a new helmet to suit the bike. I did some research and settled on the AFX FX39 Dual Sport Series 2. Reviews were positive, it was in my price range and I really like the look of the orange and black neon coloured unit. I did some research and surprisingly, my local bike shop was able to give me a deal as good or better than all the online retailers, score! I measured my noggin and ordered a medium size helmet. I’m always apprehensive about ordering helmets having never tried them on, but I took a gamble. I was riding in a few days and didn’t want to wear my road bike helmet so stuff it.

I was in luck and the helmet arrived on the day of my ride. Getting the box, first impressions were it was light! Packing was pretty sparse but OK considering the price. The helmet arrived in a large box and inside the helmet was wrapped in a cheap, soft case with some extra cloth on the inside. In addition to that was an owners manual with what appear to be covers for when you take the visor and peak off.

The link to my YouTube video for those who don’t want to read.

Taking the helmet out of its case, first impressions are its a nice looking helmet! Its a matte finish (which I much prefer as they don’t show up finger prints and the likes) and the build quality is OK. I say OK because while its not cheap like those budget MX helmets you pick up at the shop, its definitely not an Arai. But hey, this was $127 after tax, it was never going to be that quality!

The helmet has ECE standard and appears to be pretty solid. It looks like it will do a solid job. A cool note is it has the ECE, seat belt style chin strap. These are a piece of piss to use and I rate them. Well, now the helmets unboxed, its time to use it. I’m taking it on a 3 day ride so I should be able to give it a pretty good review after that.

Keep it OnTheBackWheel people.

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