Unboxing – Fly Racing Maverick Boots – Budget Off Road/Motorcross Boots

With the style of riding I wanted to do on the KLR, I needed a set of offroad boots. I’m financially challenged ATM so I had to keep the budget low. I tried my hand at getting a set of second hand boots off ADVrider, but there was nothing that suited. My next option was to get a set of RockyMountain boots (apparently they are good), but I decided to stop by my local bike store and try my hand there. And I was in luck in luck people! They just happened to have a run out set of Fly Racing Maverick boots for $80. And they were my size. The motorcycle gods were smiling upon me that day. After trying them on, I snapped them up.

So how do they look? Opening the box, you are greeted with what appears to be a very solid, older style of MX boots. Why do I say ”older style”? They aren’t as sculpted and moulded as seems to be the norm now. These have the more tradional style with a replaceable sole (a good thing IMO) and 4 straps. A lot of newer boots seem to have gone to 3 straps. Speaking of straps, the bottom 2 look to be replaceable. I’m not sure about the top 2. thats something I’ll have to look into. All the clips are replaceable should they break, I’m happy about that.

The upper of the boot appears to be leather, with hard plastic protection on the front and plastic moulding in the ankle area. The stitching on the sole seems to be good quality. There isn’t much of a tread pattern on the base of the boot, I’ll have to watch this in muddy conditions.

All in all, these should do me nicely. First impressions are, they are a well made boot, especially for the bargain basement price. Would a set of adventure boots have suited me better? Maybe, but I plan on doing some decent off road riding and the extra protection never hurts.

I’ll put together a thorough review once I’ve put some decent miles in them. Hopefully thats sooner rather than later!

Keep it OnTheBackWheel people…

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