Aprilia Tuono 660 Officially Revealed – Price, Release Date & Details

Today Aprilia has officially revealed the new Tuono 660 and it looks awesome! Now we already knew the bike was being made, but all we had was concept shots from EICMA. Now we’ve got the real deal people, let’s check it out.

The bike is pretty well unchanged from the concept bike, and surprise, surprise, it looks really similar to the RS660. I’m a sucker for Tuono’s, I owned a V4 and twin in the past and this is definitely stays true to the Tuono heritage.

The colours concept black and iridium grey.

So the bike is pretty much the fully faired sports version but with some changes. The most noticeable from the photos is there is less fairing at the front and the headlight design is a fair bit different. The belly pan has been altered too. What is cool is it has a proper belly pan; tons of people installed these after the fact on their RSV4 based Tuono’s.

Now they are some differences compared to the RS660. The motor is 95hp instead of 100. Why does it have 5 horsepower less? Aprilia doesn’t say, but going by previous model Tuono’s it’ll be because they’ve tuned it for a little bit more midrange power. We’ll have to see, but I’d just prefer the full fat version, hopefully you’ll be able to install the RS660 map to regain that lost power.

The bike also weighs the same, 403lbs or 183kg’s. I know a couple of people have weighed the RS660, and it generally comes in at about 181kg’s full of fuel and ready to ride. Looking at the Tuono, it might even be a tiny bit lighter because of the streamlined fairing.

The Tuono 660 comes in acid grey too.

The other most obvious change is the upright bars that are set above the yoke in the naked bike style. This’ll give the bike a more comfortable, upright ride and to compensate for this they’ve changed the fork plate offset.

The gearing is shorter than the RS model; they’ve done this by simply changing the sprockets. The only other differences I can see are the colours and the forks might be a slightly different spec. I’m not 100% sure on that one yet. Aprilia states the forks have different settings, but we’ll just have wait and see I reckon.

Besides that, it has the same electronics and the same five engine maps as the RS660. They’ve got wheelie control, traction control, cruise control, an up/down quick shifter (sick) and changeable ABS settings. Personally, I’d probably like less electronics and a lower price, but this is what we are getting.

The fairing doesn’t cover as much of the bike but it keeps the belly pan.

The colours are concept black, iridium grey and acid gold. I’m not sure which one I liked the most out of the black and grey but I will say I like the acid gold on this more than the RS660. They’ve offset it with some black so it’s les…I dunno what you’d call it. It’s certainly divisive especially with the red wheels.

There are a few things from the photos that I’ve spotted and really like. I love how the engine is slightly more exposed, I dig the led lighting, the dash looks fantastic and has a fuel gauge and it looks like the pegs and massive licence plate holder are easy to remove. The only things I can see that I don’t like are the foot pegs have rubber mounts; hopefully they are easy to remove.

Alright we have some pricing too. You’ll be happy to hear that it is cheaper than the RS660. In the US it is $10499, the UK 9700 pounds and Canada $12795. Now I’m not 100% sure on the Europe price, but it will be between the UK and US price, so let’s say about 10000 EUR. As usual Australia hasn’t been given a price yet, but I’m expecting us to get fingered big time. If you want the acid gold colour it is a couple of hundred dollars more.

Going through the photos Aprilia will be offering a tank bag and tail bag as accessories. I’ve also spotted some tank grips too. They have a photo of the bike with the Akrapovic system on, but personally I think it ruins the look of the bike and I’ll be waiting for someone to release an underslung exhaust in the same vein as the original.  

Aprilia have said the release date is Q1 2021. So we should see it in a couple of months I reckon depending on how everything goes with covid.

I think this bike looks pretty sick. If the Australian price isn’t too rude, I might order one when I’m back in Australia. What does everyone else think? Are you keen to buy one or at least check it out? Let me know in the comments.


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