2021 Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono V4 1100’s Announced – New Look, New Engine

Today we have some exciting news, well I think it is at least, Aprilia have announced a new RSV4 and a new Tuono V4. Let’s check them out.

Let’s start off with the RSV4. It wasn’t too long ago that Aprilia updated the RSV4 by putting the Tuono 1100 motor in it. They’ve also constantly updated it mechanically since its launch in 2009. With this update, not only have they updated it mechanically; they’ve also updated the styling. And if you think it looks familiar, that’s because it does! It looks a lot like the new RS660. Even though we only have a couple of photos so far, I love the look of it. I think the 90’s throw back colours are fantastic too.

The new Aprilia RSV4 Factory.

The new fairing design isn’t just for looks, performance has been improved. Aprilia state the new fairing has extremely low aerodynamic resistance and the winglets are now built into the fairing. The new winglets are designed for better performance, but they also direct hot air away from you while you ride. The headlights are now LED and they have perimeter DRL’s, which are daylight running lights. Aprilia are saying they have a ‘bending lights’ function. Basically, they give you increased visibility while cornering and act as cornering light. As someone who rides at night a lot, I think this is a fantastic feature. Its pitch black where I live in back in Australia and frequently you’d be coming around a corner and wouldn’t see an animal to the last second, something like this should help a lot.

The engine is changed, it’s now 22cc larger making it 1099cc. Horsepower is 217hp (the same as the current model) but no torque figures have been given. It is also Euro 5 complaint and the exhaust system has been updated. I’d say with all the new emissions laws, you should be able to get a pretty good power boost with an exhaust system and tune, not that you really need more than 217hp, but hey, why not?

Look familiar? The new RSV4 definitely takes ideas from the RS660.

Another major change is a new, lighter aluminium swing arm. It’s now very similar to their MotoGP bike swing arm. Comparing it to the old model, you can see it is completely changed from the banana style they’ve been using for years. It basically looks like it’s been flipped upside down. Aprilia state this gives increased stability, lower weight and a lower centre of gravity.

The riding position has been changed to make the bike more comfortable. There’s a new fuel tank and in combination with a new seat, this has been designed to give the rider more room. More comfort is always good if you ask me, especially on a sports bike.

The bike is getting a new TFT dash. Unfortunately no pictures have been provided, but Aprilia state it is larger than the old version. I imagine it will be similar to the 660’s. On top of that are new electronics. There’s a new ECU, six-axis IMU, wheelie control, launch control, ABS settings, engine braking (new feature) and there are 6 riding modes. Three of those are for the road and three for the track. Three of these are customisable, that’s a lot of riding modes!

The RSV4 is coming in a standard version and Factory version. The Factory has forged aluminium wheels, the new Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension and Brembo Stylema brake calipers. Only the Factory comes in the fancy new purple paint job, or as Aprilia is calling it ‘Lava Red’. There is also Aprilia Black and Dark Losail, whatever the hell that is.

Alright onto the hypernaked Tuono V4. It too has been given a pretty significant update. Most noticeable is new fairing that is similar to the Tuono 660. Personally I love the look of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of the current Tuono, but it was definitely due for an update.

The updates on Tuono are very similar to the RSV4, so I’ll skim over the ones that double up. It is getting LED headlights and cornering lights, has a revised tank and seat, wings built into the fairing, MotoGP style swing arm, new TFT dash, new ECU and riding modes and the choice between a Factory or Standard bike. It does differ in a few other ways though.

New Aprilia Tuono Factory. Hubba hubba.

In addition to the new fairing, it also has a bigger screen. I think this is a great addition as on my Tuono V4, the wind buffeting wasn’t the best. One positive was it kept your speeds down! Aprilia has only showed the Factory version, but the tail unit has been revised. We’ll have to wait for more info on the standard model to see if it has changed too. The standard version has a different tail unit to the Factory with a more accommodating pillion seat. I’m spying a different belly pan set up than the last model too.

While the RSV4 got an upgraded motor, the Tuono’s is essentially unchanged except it’s now Euro 5 complaint. That means its 1077cc, 173hp and has 121nm of torque. I’m not sure why they didn’t give it the bigger motor too; I mean the current engine is amazing but still. My guess is, in a couple of years it’ll get the bigger motor.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two specs to choose from, the Factory and standard model. The Factory has the fancy semi active, Ohlins suspension and the different tail, but I can’t see anything about different brakes or rims. So far there’s no launch date or price. I’d say Aprilia is currently concentrating on getting their 660 models out the door first, and then they’ll give us more information on thes

Personally I think they both look shit hot. My brother was texting me and he doesn’t like the look of the new RSV4, but we’ve only got the side profile shots at the moment. What do you guys think? Do you like the changes they’ve made? I had my heart set on one of the 660’s but I think if I was to test ride one of these, I think my bank balance would be in trouble.

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